We Will Remember

Hello Lovely Peeps,

Today’s blog will be a short one because there’s nothing else to say on 9/11 day apart from this.

Even though I live thousands of miles away in rural England, I remember it vividly…It was early afternoon here and I had finished college for the day and came home to find it on every channel (it had only happened about half an hour before).

I watched the second tower fall, then I watched an interview with a lad only a couple of years younger than me who had seen it fall from his school, knowing his dad worked inside. It broke my heart.

We have both also lost family members on this day (different years) and although they died peacefully in hospital, it makes us feel for those affected by 9/11 all the more.

So if your family was affected by that, or the recent hurricanes. then please know our thoughts and prayers are with you in this little corner of England.

God bless,

Anna x

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