The Old Switcheroo

Morning Peeps!

We’re coming up to 2 years of living in beautiful North Cornwall! This means a lot of our bills are up for renewal. 

One of the best pieces of budgeting advice I can give you is to shop around.

Try the comparison websites (and do more than one because some are affiliated with different companies)…the quote they give is valid for 30 days: so plenty of time to shop around! ☺

Even if you end up staying with the same company, tell them a competitor offered you x and ask if they can match or beat it.

We switched our electricity last year and saved over £200 on what our former provider quoted!
Sometimes you end up staying with a provider even if they aren’t the cheapest.

Our phone and broadband, for example, aren’t the cheapest but the cheaper quote was with a company we’ve had poor service from in the past, but at least we knew how much value we place on current company’s customer service.

Also, if you are staying make sure you know the terms…don’t  get conned by automatic renewals of contracts or sneaky price hikes.

So that’s my tip of the day, if you don’t know them already go and find your renewal dates…

Happy bargain hunting!

Anna x


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