Morning Peeps!

A bit of a controversial subject to address this morning, but it needs to be said.

I’ve been reading a 6-day series on marriage in the UCB Word for Today (You can view it online here and start on 9th September). One aspect of it was the Ephesians 5:2 verse that begins “wives submit to your husbands…” they dealt with it so well that I had to share it and my thoughts:-

The writer of this devotional pointed out, quite correctly, that submission is seen as negative in today’s society… but it doesn’t mean that there should be a master or abuser in any relationship…ever!

Submitting yourself means giving yourself, in time and effort and love. It says ‘as to Christ’ (1 Corinthians 11:3) and if Jesus only wants good things for us and for us to fulfil God’s plan for our lives, it would be easy to follow our God-given direction in that type of relationship.

With God, we want to improve ourselves, find our purpose, help others…our marriages should reflect that.

The bit that both sides of the argument often ignore, is that Ephesians goes on to say how a husband should love his wife; just as Christ loves the body of believers. (5:25)

This kind of love is the self-sacrificing kind talked of in 1 Corinthians 13..and it mirrors the definition for wives above.

So, we may have different roles, abilities and characteristics, but our love should be equal: selfless, honest and Christ-inspired.

We want Jesus as part of our marriage and every other aspect of our lives, this song (we had at our wedding) explains it well…


Please go and read the Word for Today series about Husbands and Wives, it’s so eloquently expressed, it gives real ‘light bulb’ moments.


God bless,

Anna x


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