Letting Go

Buenos Dias Peeps!

So I have several friends and family whose children go ‘off into the sunset’ this week for jobs, university or travel in some far-away place.

Whether your child is 2 or 22, goodbyes aren’t easy. I have yet to experience this but I know just letting go for a week can be pretty nerve-wracking. All those parents out there that are doing this; I feel for you and am with you in spirit.

Having said that, I remember being on the other side full of excitement and hope…. baffled that my mum was holding back tears when I was going to have a great time! (I understand it now.)

I was ready to move on, wanting the next chapter to start. As a parent, I want my daughter to go and experience it and extend her education and get the job she’s desperate for, but it doesn’t make it easy.

Aside from the emotional experience, you spend every year they face exams (from year 9 until the end of their education!) trying to find the balance between supportive and pushy. Trying to be there for them, with out being in their faces and loving them without doing everything for them.

They will learn how to do things for themselves like food shopping, bill paying and other life-skills. I remember knowing I needed a TV licence but not knowing how to get one! (Thankfully, Mr.B did!) I was safe, I learned a whole host of things on top of my studies, made friends and generally had a great time.

As hard as it is as a parent to send them off on adventures, knowing I (and millions of others) survive it and even thrive whilst learning to be independent, is what keeps us calmer.

You can never tell a parent not to worry, it’s contrary to nature, but keeping the positives in mind definitely calms the nerves.

I pray all your babies will be safe and have an awesome time! You parents are amazing, God Bless you!

Anna x



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