I Can Do This

Morning Peeps!

Kinda wet here today.

I was talking to Mr.B last night about people’s attitudes towards stuff (ours included) and the things we are looking to change. He often quotes “there’s no such thing as can’t, knock off the t” and he’s right.

My weight has been a life-long battle, but I’m not surrendering. Our savings need to increase, without committing to stressful jobs. We have long term ideas that need planning and funding…..it’s all possible.

Whatever the dream, it’s possible: It can be done. It would be easier not to try and some days it feels less possible than others, but we have to work through those until we see light again.

The Alice in Wonderland quote “Sometimes I believe as many as 5 impossible things before breakfast” is always a good motivator. Whether a trader, warrior or a stay-at-home-parent there are things you have to believe in to achieve them.

On the rough days, it may be as simple as knowing the day won’t last forever or it might be a brilliant idea planted in your mind that could take years of work to achieve…. if you believe in it and yourself, keep working at it; you’re a day nearer every time one passes.

Have a great Friday my friends,

Anna x










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