Something A Little Different

Morning Peeps!

I love the blogging community and this week, they’re really on their game. So I thought I’d share one for each of my blogging categories with you…


Christy over at When Women Inspire wrote this amazing blog for new parents: Time Saving Tips For New Mothers. It’s simple but effective. If you’re not the one with the new baby, there are still things in this list you can help with.

She talks about pumping and storing milk so other people can help with feeds, which is a great idea. I’d like to add that if you bottlefeed, the boiled (and cooled) water can be put in sterilised bottles and stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours and powder pre-measured into storage pots. This way your helping relatives (or your sleep-deprived self) don’t have to worry about how many millilitres or scoops are needed.



C.C. writes the blog Jesus and Green Tea. She has a variety of topics addressed through scripture. C.C. frequently does these little posts with just a scripture and a line or two from herself ad they always make you stop and think…which I love. This one –> Starving really hit me, sometimes you don’t need lots of words to provoke lots of spiritual reflection.



Choosing just one for this category is really hard! I recently started following a blog called Healthy Happy Hippie (so cool) and I think this is the recipe of the week for me: Vegan Pumpkin-Spiced Cinnamon Buns I love cinnamon anything (works well with my Christmas addiction) and the teenager has recently discovered them. The pumpkin spice just screams autumn (it most certainly is here!) and I’m always on the lookout for veggie and vegan recipes…so this recipe seems perfect!



I saw this on the blog Bay Art, but I think it is a guest post… It caught my attention straight away 26 Things to keep in mind… The whole post is just tips on staying positive and focused. If you’re struggling with a project or something, I highly recommend a read.



If you’re familiar with the concept of debt-snowballing I found this great resource on Pinterest this week. Debt Snowball Worksheet it keeps the columns simple so it doesn’t look like an accountants spreadsheet…just more user-friendly 🙂 If you want to know more about debt snowballing visit Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps to learn more.



I love watching J House Vlogs on YouTube and think they have an amazing approach to education. Although mostly home-schooled, they are allowed to play and explore through experiences I’d have never thought of. They also attend an amazing enrichment program one day a week so they get to learn things like languages and interact with other children outside their circle of family and friends. It’s really made me look at homeschooling in a new and inspiring way.



This is pretty near impossible to pick just one for! I love this Baby Shower idea from Little Dove Blogs as part of her Year of Color series. For true randomness, I always head to Cobs’ site for a read of her Friday Posts or a look at her amazing arts and crafts….but if you’ve been here any length of time, you’ll know I always recommend Cobs; she is a kindred spirit (and possibly as nuts as me)!


I hope that’s something for everyone…have a lovely Saturday chums!

Anna x


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