The Pluses and Minuses of DIY

Morning Peeps!

I want to chat with you about homemade and DIY stuff. I LOVE IT! My current addiction is Mason jar Christmas gifts on Pinterest! 

Homemade food and gifts and even furnishings all seem like a great idea to save money, but be warned: Some are more expensive than buying ready-made ones!

Most of the time this isn’t true and I actively encourage people to get making, especially home-cooked meals and gifts!

My word of warning is simply to do your research first. For example, are the things needed readily available and cheap? (Such as mason jar fillings 🙂 ) It isn’t worth making your own butter puff pastry because the price of butter is more than a frozen slab of Jus-Rol.

There are hundreds of Christmas makes on Pinterest I’d love to try, but I filter out the ones with pricey ingredients or materials…then I pick 3-5 favourites. Doing too many at once can stop you finishing a project, so try to keep it in check.

Also, see if there’s a substitution that would make it cheaper. If you can use margarine instead of butter or supermarket own-brand of anything (from cotton wool to cake ingredients). Second-hand/restored tools and mechanical/electrical parts are often a budget-saver!


So be wary, but don’t be put off! Have fun doing it and save yourself a few quid in the process!!

Love n Hugs

Anna x


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