Parenting Focus

Morning Peeps!

I’ve seen a few media bits and bobs this morning that have made me think about the real meaning of parenting.

Firstly, my love and prayers to the families who lost someone in the recent hurricane or earthquake, especially those with children in that school. So heart-breaking.

If you’ve read some of my early posts you’ll know I follow J House Vlogs and Super Carlin Brothers on YouTube (literally like every episode!) Both of them have made me think this morning:

Kendra, from J House, shared this post on Facebook this morning about a therapist saying children needing rules and attention more now than ever…makes for an interesting read.

Ben Carlin’s video last night, was about Snape in Harry Potter, but his point about Snape and Lily Potter shows the scene where she saves baby Harry. The sacrifice of her own life to save him will resonate with any mother watching it. Unlikely as we are to ever face a noseless actor with a wand, the sentiment is definitely real and we’d do it in a heartbeat.

So I wanted to share those this morning as something to think about; to appreciate the parent-child relationships we have, to thank the hard-working parents out there and to remember those in prayer who are suffering.

Have a blessed day Peeps!

Anna x

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