Christmas Bargain Hunting

Afternoon Peeps!

So it’s a mere 13 weeks today until Christmas Eve!! Yay!!

The shops are starting to realise this and there are bargains to be had.

First, there’s the chocolate! Big tubs, small boxes, chocolate oranges and multipacks…. hunt them down, check the dates and stock up. (And the savoury snacks for that matter, but I don’t have the self-discipline to have nuts and Doritos in the house this soon!)

There will always be little extras out in stores before the main Christmas bumpf arrives, so this is a good time to grab wrap, tags, cards and tableware. Especially in big stationery stores, you may pick up a bargain in clearance of last year’s stock.

Pick up clearance items: The back to school and summer stuff will be in the bargain bin now so stationery sets and outdoor toys will be a great price!

BOGOF offers and multipacks are a great way to save money if you buy for several kids the same age or adults with shared interests. For example, I just bought a pack of children’s Christmas cups to fill with goodies, but they were a lot cheaper than if I had bought them individually. If you’re shopping in the UK then Boots always do 3 for 2 on gifts and Argos always have toys on 2 for £10/£15.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing a lot more budget tips for Christmas, I hope they help you in your bargain hunting!

Have a great day

Anna x


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