New Things

Morning Peeps!

Today is kinda looking like it’s going to be full of new things, so I thought I’d share:

Firstly, the teenager has her first physio appointment this morning for her knee injury. We’ll see how that goes, I hope it doesn’t ache too much afterwards!

I’m trying to do the hot water and lemon thing…I know it’s good for me, I’ve done it on the Daniel Fast, but I’m not a huge fan of lemon flavour (not even cakes) so it is a choice that’s good for me rather than one I actually want to do!

Also, Mr.B and I have been trying to make more time for Bible study and time with God to improve our spiritual health, so that’s going well and I hope today is the same. (Today is the first of 3 seriously busy days!)

I’m also trying a 1-day liquid detox thing to remove toxins and (hopefully) kick start weight loss again…been around the same this last 2 weeks.

Last night I also noticed I’m now walking the dog in complete darkness! I usually go about 9pm but we’ve had a few days off while her leg got better and now it’s not a sunset walk anymore, but a nighttime one! So tonight I either need to go earlier or take a torch and hi-vis stuff!

So that’s what is new in our world…what’s new in yours?

Have a great day my lovelies,

Anna x


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