Random Funniness

Afternoon my lovely peeps!

I’ve had a very entertaining morning, so I thought I’d share the amusement!

At breakfast, Mr.B let the cat in and said something that reminded us of a book we used to read to our daughter…so we all start quoting bits of it and laughing! It’s called Albert and Sarah Jane, (you can buy it here) it’s about a cat and dog who don’t get on because they eat each other’s food. (If you know about my 2 fur-babies then you’ll know how relatable that is!)

I help out at the baby & toddler group at church on a Wednesday, LOVE IT! 🙂 They are always entertaining and I’ve had a great time finding ‘only red stickers’, picking up sequins for a little chap to tip out again and giggle, and general messy fun.

I was talking to a mum about funny things kids do…..then I went and did one myself!

On the way home I stopped at Morrisons for a few bits and pieces and picked up some ‘bunny bread’ as it was on special. I then laughed at myself for telling my husband I’d bought ‘bunny bread.’ By this, I mean Soreen, a fruity malt loaf, which I’ve always loved and always called bunny bread. I don’t know why, but I do…. and then people look at me like I’ve dropped out of the sky. (But I’m used to that LOL)

So it got me thinking about all the daft things we say or did say as kids (being big kids, most of ours are still in use, present tense)… What are some of your household’s funny sayings?

What are some of your household’s funny sayings? Share them in the comments and we can all share the smiles 🙂


Happy Windsday Piglet! (Winnie the Pooh reference, because why not)

Anna x



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