An Attitude of Gratitude

Hi-de-hi my lovely Peeps!

Lovely sunny (but chilly) morning here in Cornwall 🙂

I shared a little while ago about trying to live by Philippians 2:14, staying away from arguing and complaining. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve slipped up a few times, but I think we’re improving.

I’ve had a lot on this week and it would be easy to moan, but I’m consciously choosing not to.

Yesterday I tried to be the calm one in a stressful environment, as Proverbs tells us to. I hope I helped improve the atmosphere and situation for those that were there; I certainly felt better as I normally react to emotions with my own. Trying to be a blessing to others stops you focusing on how stuff impacts you.

Today, as I rushed into the supermarket after the school-run and saw the beautiful day, the coastal path in all its green, sunshiny glory and the beautiful blue-grey sea (nice view from the carpark…as you can see!) For a moment I was sad I was too busy to walk it, but then this change in attitude kicked in:

I have lovely things to do (as well as the mundane ones), I get to live here and enjoy that beautiful view, it will still be there when I am free to walk it, and best of all, I know the God who created it personally!  🙂

So I guess I’m reminding you, and me, to be grateful for the little, beautiful things… like a sunny day… and remember Who we have to thank for them!

Have a blessed Thursday my friends

Anna x


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