Round-Up Day

Happy Friday Peeps! (Whoop whoop!)

So, today is a bit of a round-up day: I’ve had a mental, but enjoyable week… I appreciate that I’ve got today at home to do housework and other mundane jobs. (yes, that busy I’m willing to hoover for relaxation!)

All has gone well, mostly to plan; had a lovely time with small people, mutt-face (I say that affectionately) has got 90% better so no more vets trips for the moment, (phew!) and the detox seemed to work because I lost 2lb that day and another one since 🙂 So all in all, a pretty good week (despite the lemon-water).

As I’m having a little round-up, I thought I’d do a ‘best of the rest’ for each category, you all seemed to like this last week…so here goes:

Budgeting: Award points for this have to go to Pinterest this week, I’ve shared several of other people’s pins on my ‘budgeting’ board if you want to check them out, but this one really caught my eye giving practical ways to save money in all sorts of ways, from cheap recipes to repairing clothes…great stuff!

Education: I found a fun ‘random facts’ blog this week (because I love that random trivia stuff) and the author shares quotes, like this one about education:

“The principal goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done.” – Jean Piaget

Faith: I follow  on Instagram and there was a brilliant one this week (by C. S. Lewis, so of course it was brilliant!) reminding us why we are not of the world:

21980884_1981205608817535_6377080459423121408_n  ❤ love it!

Recipes: Always a hard one to pick, but I’m a big fan of ‘What’s for dinner Moms’ and she has some awesome recipes this week….but I HAD TO pick this one for individual turtle cheesecakes!! I mean, why wouldn’t you?!

Parenting: Given my company this week has had the average age of 3, I’ve been looking for preschool activities to do with them and found several Autumn/Fall crafts on Pinterest: I’ve pinned them to my ‘school’ board so those who work with, or home-school, these little munchkins can find them too. 🙂

PMA: Not exactly PMA, but it did make me smile, which helps on those days we need to stop and de-stress, so I guess it counts! Toddler Steals Prince Harry’s Popcorn

School: I’ve already pointed you to my school Pinterest board, but apart from the toddler crafts I also have some study aids for older kiddos, I particularly like this one on Staying Motivated While Studying by
Randomness: Aside from my usual praising of my kindred spirit Cobs, (yesterday she showcased some amazingly crafted gift tags…please go and see!) I also wanted to share this:

A few weeks ago I said the teenager was working on a project, well she has got herself set up as a gaming YouTuber!! If you know any youngsters who play Sims or Minecraft, then please share this with them. Her YouTube tag is Penguintopia46 and this is the link to her channel Penguintopia46

Yes, this is a shameless plug, but I’m a proud Mumma! 🙂


I think I’m done, have a great weekend y’all, I’m off to clean the place!

Anna x


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