A Million and 1 Krispie Treats

Afternoon Peeps! 

Bonus post for you today… I was talking to the teenager about stuff we learned (or tried to learn) last Christmas. I remembered a recipe for Rice Krispie treat trees…. you make them green and cone-shaped and stick them on a Rolo trunk and decorate. Easy as that. 🎄
Then a while ago I saw someone’s kids on a Facebook or Pinterest post cutting Rice Krispie treats out with Christmas cutters and making a hole to thread them as decorations!

If you need to know a recipe there’s one here http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/8333/marshmallow-rice-krispie-treats.aspx

It’s basically just butter, marshmallows and Rice Krispies. You can then add any colour, flavour or decor you wish and mould the stuff like silly putty! (Make sure it cools a little first; hot mallow burns…I speak from experience.)

Tip: This is one of the few occasions I’ll buy brand name, tried with supermarket rice puffs and it went soft much quicker. 😟

There are literally a million and one shapes you can make… snowmen, cars, animals….anything you can think of!

Go wild and send me a picture of your creations….have fun! ☺

Anna x


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