Christmas Budgeting Part 2

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

Happy October! 🙂 12 weeks today is Christmas Eve!! So I thought I’d share some Christmas shopping tips for those wishing to keep the budget reasonable. (If you haven’t read my previous Christmas budget post, you can find it here.)

So let’s do this:

  1. Make a plan: if you haven’t done so already, make a list of the people you need to buy for and then set a budget. Leve columns for ideas and to write what you actually got (or tick if you got what you planned)… I often start with an idea in mind and then buy something else, but within the same budget, don’t let the impulse to buy something that’s ‘so them’ make you go over budget.
  2. Prioritise: If you have to post things to relatives or friends far away, find out last posting dates and buy these presents first. Then, online orders, then people who you’ll see earliest, then kids, then immediate family, then all other adults. That way the hardest to deal with will be out of the way and have the most of your time and money focused on them.
  3. Homemade presents: Things that keep can be made now, so any homemade decorations, preserves (like my Spiced Blueberry Jam) or any other crafts can be budgeted for over the next few weeks and made before the rush of Christmas activities begin.
  4. Spread the Cost: 3 paydays, that’s it. So each week pop a Christmas food item to your trolley (again ones that will keep) and start picking up presents (following the planning and budgeting rules above of course) so it doesn’t hit the final paycheck and shopping madness.
  5. Shop smart: Hunt your bargains down and compare prices. I love to get miniatures and samples of things for gift boxes but a travel size Lynx is £1-£1.20, but Mr.B usually has Sainsbury’s own body spray at around that price for a full sized one….you get more for your money not buying special sizes/packs etc. Also, a lot of discount stores have brand stuff on special or larger portions so the gift will look more substantial for the same price.
  6. Get kids involved, if they’re still young enough to craft some masterpiece of handprints or something, then the grandparents and teachers can have one of those (cheap and lovingly made). Older kids can be given a budget to go do their own shopping, teach them how to budget-shop now and they’ll be masters by the time they get to my age! (I stated at 13, the teenager started even younger.)


I won’t bamboozle you anymore (for now) because I really could go on forever! I love it!

Happy bargain hunting Peeps!

Anna x

4 thoughts on “Christmas Budgeting Part 2

    1. Great idea! Check size and weight limits for cards on postal website first otherwise a fat card may cost more to post than to make. Also look for card decor in discount stores rather than craft ones; way cheaper…. Happy crafting! ☺

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