The Winds of Change

Morning Peeps!

It’s a dark and stormy Monday morning here, the seasons have definitely changed!

I have 2 aspects of change to share with you this morning;

Faith-wise we’ve been moving and changing in our spiritual lives, trying new things (like being brave enough to offer to pray with a stranger)  and growing spiritually in prayer, praise and Bible study. As well as trying to have the right attitude (as I said in An Attitude of Gratitude and Love The One In Front last week) we are also looking to make changes in our lives that would make us more able to do what God intended, for example giving more of our time or getting ourselves fitter for a task.

Our pastor has been talking about change and growth too, about using our giftings, growing in the Holy Spirit by spending time with Him and pruning the not so good stuff from our lives.  Great stuff!


Also, there are changes in the everyday things, such as our work patterns and financial goals. We are both writing and fitting it around other jobs, looking to the future and making plans.


Sometimes it would be easier to not prune the ungodly things from our lives or to have big financial goals, we go to church and pay all our bills…..but that’s not enough! God wants us to get to know Him better and to live the best life we can, as the popular quote goes “life’s a journey, not a destination.”

The thing is you have to want it too. It requires change and growth. Change is inevitable, but not always liked…we simply need to accept it and roll with it, with the bonuses of enjoying the ride (having the satisfaction of accomplishing goals) and knowing the ultimate destination (Heaven)!

God bless you, I hope you have a productive week!

Anna x


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