Morning my lovely Peeps!

Just a quick thought to share with you this morning before I go and play…*ahem* I mean work at toddler group 🙂

Life has a habit of throwing you a lot of stuff at once, while I like to be busy, it’s limited appeal-wise. Too much wears thin and makes you run down.

I don’t handle stress well (and try to avoid it at all costs) so we are having to carefully manage this week’s jobs so we actually still see each other long enough to talk.

I woke up tired and not 100%, I was going down emotionally because of it, then I remembered yesterday’s J House video. Kendra (the mum in J House Vlogs) is always so open and honest, even in the tough stuff, but always puts a positive spin on it… I don’t think she realises how inspiring she is.

Yesterday’s video showed her and the baby to be unwell, but she did this amazing piece to camera about how grateful she was for her normal health and her family and all the help and love she gets: Where most of us would give in, she found something to be thankful for.

So I am grateful that busy-ness and tiredness are solvable, I’m grateful for the fun things I’ve fitted into this crazy week, for my family and friends and for Kendra reminding me of this!

Have a blessed (and positive) day!

Anna x


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