Thanks Be To God

Afternoon my lovely Peeps!

Sorry I didn’t blog for you this morning, but I’ve been to a Harvest Festival at a farm!

We had a beautiful service in a barn with a little brown calf curled up in the corner. ❤ The table of food (donations for the local Foodbank charity) also had tools and an iPad on it…the speaker said we should be thankful for all jobs, not just the farmers and food providers, which I thought was beautiful.

We worked with the Sunday School children to find out what they were thankful for and how we can help others, their answers were beautiful and included everything from friendship to food to homes and the understanding that some people might need help getting those things.

It just really made me think about all the blessings we have and how much we have to offer others, be it time, food or love.

What are you grateful for today?

God bless,

Anna x


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