Paint By Numbers

Happy Friday Peeps!

I rarely paint (because I’m kinda bad at it…unless it’s a wall) but I do love numbers. I’m wary of numerology itself as people can get obsessed by it as if it’s almost a form of fortune-telling. However, nature and the Bible do have recurring number themes. So I thought I’d give you a round up of my week in numbers:

10 weeks (on Monday) until Christmas…. 1lb per week means dropping a dress size! 1.5lbs per week means a stone and 2lbs per week is almost 1.5stones and 2 dress sizes!

1 week until October half term holidays, YAY!

23 months today we’ve had the keys to our little bit of Cornish paradise! (Nearly 2 years, where the heck has that gone?!)

1 sick teenager today 😦 incidentally, 1 sickness bug going around the area.

Number of Christmas items bought this week: only 2

1 job application completed

2 newly-discovered blogs this week…more on those soon 😉

Number of baby cows at our barn-based harvest festival: 1 ❤ looked kinda like this one, but newer:



35 under-5s at toddler group, we had the biggest group I’ve ever seen this week! 🙂

29: The number of £ our electric and gas have gone up for the new contract…ho hum. Thank you God that we can afford it!

Number of hungry, wind-swept cats interrupting my typing for food: (funny how that’s the same amount as the number of dogs who appear when you open the cat food 😉 )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5 months since we paid off our debt! (even though it’s only just been updated on my credit score!)

3 The number of lists I have, with different stuff to do on each one.

1,000,000 things I’m grateful for, including….

96 followers on here…love you all x


I hope your numbers are positive and your weekend restful.

Anna x


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