The Spring Cleaning Plan!

Hi-de-ho Peeps!

It’s Saturday (YAY!) so we’re actually all home 🙂 but we all have jobs to do 😦

I normally hate housework as much as the next person, but not at the moment; Firstly I find spring cleaning (well Autumn cleaning, I suppose) therapeutic because you can get rid of clutter and papers and such. Secondly, the reason for my cleaning spree is to get ready for Christmas!!!!

Yes I know it’s 10 weeks away yet and I’ll have to clean before then, but in the next 6 weeks (before the decorations go up) I like to do those occasional jobs on the odd days I’m home all day…let me give you some examples:

(Each bullet point is one day so I can still get other stuff done)

  • Clean out the pantry and kitchen cupboards to make room for Christmas stock
  • Vax carpets and furniture where needed, clean fireplace (not just a quick hoover under the log burner, an actual clean) and high-level dust/cobweb removal
  • Defrost freezer (ugh!) and wipe down sills/doors while waiting (easy job because freezer and clean up after is painful enough)
  • Clean out wardrobes and bedside cabinets…so I have more space to store Christmas gifts 🙂
  • Oven. enough said.
  • Bathrooms including cabinets (to make way for all the nice new smellies we get at Christmas)
  • Touch up any paintwork or anything that needs fixing
  • Lastly, as I get my decs out, sort the shed (much easier to do without 3 artificial trees in the way!) and put away the non-Christmas ornaments where I need to.

All of this helps me to sort clutter from decent stuff we can give away, it’s not a mind-absorbing task so I can think of other things and it makes me feel like I’m getting ready for Christmas when it’s too early to bake and such. 🙂

I’d love to know your deep cleaning tips and Christmas preparations, let me know in the comments. I’m off to beat up my pantry!

Have a good one!

Anna x


10 thoughts on “The Spring Cleaning Plan!

      1. I know right! lol – I’ve been saying to my kids for the last week “it’s going to be time to watch Christmas movies soon….!” I start watching them in November! Your definitely not alone!

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