Don’t Be Caught Out!

Howdy Peeps!

Sorry I’m a bit late on the upload today, but late night, got up later, had to be at church earlier; my bad.

Anyways, a week or 2 ago I shared that the gas and the electric contract was ending and tips on getting the best deal. (If you haven’t read that one, you can find it here 🙂 )

So on Thursday, we sat down to deal with it. We knew we got a great deal last year and that we were in for some kind of rise, so I started by ringing our current provider to see what they offered.

Gone are the days when they offer deals to try and keep you! Their ‘if you don’t pick one, you’ll default to standard tariff’ attitude meant an additional £53 per month! (yes you did read it right!) so we had to act.

They gave me 5 tariffs to choose from all around this level of increase, the one that surprised me though was the fixed 2year tariff… I thought (as I’m sure most people would) that being loyal to them and tied in for longer would get a good deal: WRONG! It was the same price as the standard one!!!

After spending a good 20minutes on the phone, the girl told me the best deal was online…it was, but it was still a £37 per month increase!

We went online and trawled the comparison sites. BTW the rumours are true, you can get a different price with the same supplier depending on the comparison site, we were quoted the best deal with one company on 2 different sites and one was £3 cheaper per month than the other…£36 per year for the exact same thing! So do your research peeps.

Eventually, we got to a comparison site that gave a lot of smaller companies who were ALL cheaper than the big 6, so we looked at the prices and picked a one-year fixed plan (so monthly stays the same). We know it’s a bit of a risk going with a smaller company, but they did the switchover, there’s no exit fee if we decide to leave early and it was an increase of only £29 more than old payments (I was expecting around £20 so not too bad).

I’ll let you know how we get on, but first impressions of email contact and pricing are really good. So when it’s your time to switch; 1) don’t believe current supplier will give you the best deal, 2) check all the comparison sites, 3) don’t be scared of smaller companies.

Happy deal-hunting!

Anna x


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