Peace in the Darkness

Morning Peeps!

For some people, the weekend and early today have not been easy: I have friends who have lost either family or friends, people have been overly worried about world-politics and locally, the impending Ophelia storm is kinda the main headline.

The Bible tells us not to worry more than once, including Matthew 6:25 (probably because we need reminding).

God says He will comfort us in a loss and our sadness (Matt. 5:4) and in Matthew 24:6 tells us we needn’t fear the things going on around us.

Now I’m not suggesting anyone walks into this ominous storm with a reckless attitude, the Bible says we’re supposed to seek wisdom; don’t be foolish. I’m simply reminding you that there is no reason to be edgy and nervous, especially if it’s something you can’t control.

Give it to God in prayer and leave it there. All will pass and we’ll move on.

Jesus said;



I hope you have a peaceful and blessed day,

Anna x


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