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Morning Peeps!

I assume you’ve not blown away?! ‘Tis a bit breezy here this morning!

It’s the last day of school before half term holidays (YAY!) so I thought I’d get an educational one in now…then we can ignore the school stuff next week 😉

I come across dozens of sites and books and resources for each stage of learning and it can be a bit confusing, so here are my recommendations:

On Pinterest, I have a board for school ideas (obviously a lot of Christmas stuff o there at the mo.) There are resources for all ages on there, especially for pre-schoolers to do at home or at school. I’m always adding to it, so keep watching and feel free to send e stuff for it. 🙂

When I was tutoring, I used Primary Resources for many lessons as it offers resources sorted by subject and year group, all the way from nursery up to year 6.

Also, I can’t mention primary learning without mentioning Woodlands Primary School, their resources page was set up for their pupils in Kent, but I know schools all over the country that recommend the use of this site.

Primary school covers Key Stage 2 and years 7 to 9 at secondary school are Key Stage 3, both of which benefit from the use of CGP books. They are bright and easy to understand and the cheesy jokes are so bad it makes you remember! They offer revision books and workbooks. I use these all the time. I’ve even used them with adults to work through certain subjects because they are so accessible.

When you get to GCSE and A-level, some subjects will require a more in-depth book. If the course doesn’t recommend a book, Letts revision guides are often used for maths-based subjects. The best thing at GCSE is to get past-papers and practice… these can be obtained from the exam board websites:



Eduqas (formerly WJEC)

Which exam board you use is up to your school and may be different for different subjects, so check first. Having said that, everything except English is pretty similar across the boards so any past paper won’t hurt. (Check it’s at the right level too, if you’re unsure of your level, start with the foundation level and work up.)

There are hundreds of revision timetables and organisation tips for studying on both Pinterest and YouTube, so whether you’re just starting GCSE or returning to education later on, there’ll be something there for you. I really like this one.

(All of this can be used for revision, homeschooling and adult learning, so don’t think you need to be a teacher to access this stuff.)

So I’m going to let you run out to play now and forget school for a week, but bear these in mind for the future.

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x

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