Christmas Awesomeness

Howdy Peeps!

It’s Monday and no work or school! Yay for holidays! 🙂 You lovely people out there have got me up to 99 followers! THANK YOU! Feel like I should have a party at 100! It seems only a few days ago I was hoping to make it to 20… you’re all just fab!

It is also exciting today to be just 9 weeks away from Christmas!! So I thought I’d share a few Ideas with you from my Pinterest board and, brace yourselves, my own head!

You know a couple of weeks ago I made snowmen with the teenager? Well, I thought to look for other sock people and there are penguins! Guess what we’re doing next?! 😉 If you know about my daughter, she is generally animal obsessed but giraffes and penguins are the main ones, so this is perfect. If I can get the right colour socks, I have a few other ideas too (more on that another time).

Foodwise, there are sooooooooo many treats and edible gifts on Pinterest, I could be here forever. These have to be my favourite though: Basically, it’s normal food set out in wreath and tree shapes for parties….I love the cheeseboard Christmas tree here most of all.

If you’re making gifts, I like the jam/mason jar ideas as you can fill them with anything! (literally anything, but I’ll stick to food for now.) Whether it’s store-bought or homemade treats, dry ingredients for a recipe or a jam or chutney….it’s all good! 🙂

I also found this via Pinterest which made me laugh. Obviously a kindred spirit as the post is called “27 things that Christmas-obsessed parents need right now” 🙂 with this tag-line underneath: Some people think it’s too early for Christmas. Some people are wrong. Just LOL. 🙂 🙂

Away from the lure of Pinterest (hard, I know, but stick with me), I found this awesome channel on YouTube called Cheap Crafty Girl and I think I love her! She does planner/organization stuff and loads of crafts…but on a budget: most of her stuff is from dollar stores and sales. I found her because I was looking for wrapping inspiration….but there’s so much more! So I’ll leave you with  this video of here awesome gift-wrap tutorial:


Have a great day my friends! Thanks for being here!

Anna x

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