Keeping Calm

Afternoon Peeps!

Thought I’d share some PMA with you today because we all need it sometimes.

Most of you will know I’m a planner (I did a blog called Christmas in May for example 😉 ) and when things don’t go to plan…it doesn’t exactly keep me calm and relaxed… I always accept and move on but can’t seem to do it without reacting first.

I’ve been working really hard on this and it was seriously tested yesterday as several things changed at once.

Mr B and I have been trying to be more spirit-centred, read and worship more, as well as working harder on the practical stuff…. so the 3 things I did to stay calm yesterday were:

  1. Get God’s perspective; I prayed and had worship songs playing
  2. Do something constructive to give you something to do and a sense of accomplishment (I defrosted my freezer as per The Spring Cleaning Plan!)
  3. Talk it through….calmly: I couldn’t decide whether there was something wrong or whether I was just disappointed…a few minutes explaining it to Mr B, it was quite clear I was just disappointed….so I accepted it and moved on.


None of my plans were major, but I was just miffed things had to wait a bit longer, but I stayed calmer and got over it quicker than before.

If you struggle to stay calm with sudden changes, I suggest you try the things above…. I’m making progress 🙂

Biblical and Stoic philosophy state that all things will pass and that it can’t bother us if we have internal peace… try to remember that when you need it, I will try too. 🙂

Anna x

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