Some Interesting Thoughts…

Hey-ho Peeps!

I have seen a few posts by other bloggers the last few days that have really made me stop and think, so I wanted to share them with you….enjoy!


Bay Art blogs all different topics, but over the last few days, there have been some that fit with the PMA I’ve been talking about: Overcome reminds us to laugh at the bumps and The other side of positive thinking gives an interesting perspective. There’s a lot more on there about positivity, check it out.

Savings Champ has a son about the same age as my teenager so I can relate. 🙂 This post Money-Earning Experience is primarily about teens earning money which is great, but there’s a deeper life lesson in it for all of us about trying new things…a great read.

Kristi Ann also did this excellent post on God’s grace. I love Ephesians, which is where her main text is from, but there are so many Bible references in this, it’d be a great study tool.

I hope these inspire you like they did with me.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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