Praise God In Everything 

Afternoon Peeps!

It’s been a busy week of fun and extra jobs we don’t get to do in term time. That means I was tried and not really wanting to get up and go to church this morning, but I reminded myself it’s not about me, it’s  about Him.

I went and we had awesome worship time with a new song and extra musicians ☺ 

The preacher (our pastor’s dad) then was talking about wisdom and fear/reverence/respect for God. In showing respect to God he said praise was part of it;

It releases us from fear

It honours God

It releases the power of the spirit 

And the one that surprised me, it makes us feel better. 

I was surprised because I try not to think ‘what can I get out of it’ but then he explained. …

God wants us to praise (to do all the above things) and He wants us to know they’re good for us, so God makes us feel good when doing it as a sort of pointer in the right direction…..light bulb moment!

So, while I shouldn’t be praising God for my own benefit, it’s ok that it makes me feel better: God is kinda saying ‘yes, go this way it’s good for you.’ ☺

So I just thought I’d share so we can all learn together why we praise and how it can help us go the way God wants us to.

Have a good day,

Anna x


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