Budgeting For Big Bills

Morning Peeps!

Sometime in the last week or two (I can’t say when because of school holiday brain-fog) I did this post about Planning Ahead, we knew there was a big bill coming and it has arrived.

First, I have to tell you God is good! He always provides what we need. My 2 bills (last old one and first new one) were £88 and £117.50, our bills accounts had £88.80 and £126 in after paying everything else…just enough! Praise God!

We usually have about £40-60 left each month for treats or extra petrol (for unusual trips above our normal petrol allowance) so we saved most of that back last month for this month, knowing that this month we would use it towards the big bill.

We also gave up a couple of things (just for this month) so that money went in too.

If you don’t have the spare cash we do (we didn’t for years, so I understand) then it’s even more important to plan ahead. We’ve known this contract’s end date since we started it a year ago, so selling stuff or saving just £10 a month would have done it.

Also, when looking at contracts, make sure you pick the best terms for your budget: We picked a fixed rate one because we like to know what’s going out each month but it will almost certainly result in an increase next year when the fixed period ends.

The company also have no leaving early fee, so if we’re unhappy or get a good offer, we can just go, the cheapest per month was variable and had a £30 per fuel exit fee, so we picked the 2nd cheapest as it’s best for us,

Try to keep these in mind when you look at changing providers and try to plan ahead for big bills.

Happy budgeting my friends!

Anna x




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