My Dog Is Like A Toddler

Morning Peeps!

For those of you who don’t know Bailey is our adult German Shepherd (in size only, not in mind or spirit) and her antics seem to have fans on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so I thought I’d share some thoughts about her.

Ways our dog is like a toddler:

  1. No concept of time: Lie-ins don’t exist, you don’t get the extra hour when the clocks change, if excited she can’t wait patiently, greets you like you’ve been gone for years if you pop out for 5 minutes.
  2. There is no such thing as privacy: Not in the shower, on the loo, getting changed…nada.
  3. Trying everything with her mouth: not excluding metal objects and cat litter!
  4. If you’re eating she wants some….even if she doesn’t like it.
  5. She sleeps where she crashes: After running around the yard and back and forth to me 20 times to tell me someone’s coming, she crashes in the most unusual places (often where I want to sit or get past!) WP_20170529_15_13_21_Pro[1]
  6. You have no personal space or physical feelings: Like any self-respecting toddler, she’ll stand on you, run into you, jump at you and want to play with your hair!
  7. They give you heart failure: Never mind the skipping of heartbeats when they fall over, if dogs and children disappear out of sight for just a second too long it  will make your blood run cold…and when you find them you don’t know whether to be cross or kiss them (it’s always the latter, with kids and dogs)!
  8. Cleaning up isn’t pleasant: There’s poop in both situations. There are the toys all over the floor, there’s the ‘but I didn’t mean to knock it over’ and the best one of all is walking through whatever you’re trying to clean up so they make more mess in the process.
  9. She can dazzle us equally with her intelligence and stupidity. Enough said.
  10. They’re not just for Christmas: It’s a life-long commitment. Despite all of the above, you wouldn’t change a thing.


Have a lovely Saturday,

Love from me… and the mutt 😉 x

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