Happy Bude-iversary!

Morning Peeps!

I just wanted to share with you that 2 years ago today we picked up the keys to our home! (Technically we moved in the next day, but our contract says 13th) 🙂

We moved for several reasons, but most of it boiled down to time and money. We love where we used to live, but had a big house we didn’t have the time or money to maintain.

Mr.B got a job here and the teenager was already at school here so we were running back and forth at least twice per day…half hour each way so 2 -3 hours a day of travel time and petrol money.

It seemed wise to move, we prayed about it and it felt right with God, so we moved. The whole thing went so smoothly, it had to be God’s will. Our old place sold to the 7th viewer less than 2 months after putting it on the market.

This place was empty and had literally just been put up for rent….I rang the agent to see if there was anything new and she asked if we’d be interested in single-storey living, I said we’d consider it and arranged a viewing…they didn’t have any sizes or pictures to give us, just that it was a ground floor flat with 2 bedrooms and private yard. We were the only people to see it and loved it. Our little bit of Cornish paradise:

It’s so peaceful here. There is a lovely atmosphere, friendly neighbours and the convenience of being able to walk to town is bliss (we had to drive 15-20 minutes to the nearest supermarket before).

We’ve been so blessed and happy, we wonder why the decision was so hard…so if you have a big decision to make (like moving house or job) then pray about it and find the one that gives you peace. It never seems a scary leap after you’ve done it!

Have a lovely day my friends,

Anna x

P.S. It’s only 6 weeks to Christmas!!!! YAY! 🙂 x


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