School Stuff!

How-do Peeps!

So I realized my Christmas-obsessed-self hasn’t done an education post for a while, so I thought I’d combine the two.

Christmas is a brilliant time to get school stuff. It’s cheap because it’s not ‘back to school’ time, there’s loads of choice and they may need replacing after a whole term!

Boring but necessary: School-appropriate socks, sports kit or other essentials. Short of actual uniform (even I’m not that mean) buy what you can as part of their gifts.

Pens, Pencils and Cases: You can have fun with these and get your kids their favourite characters or neon, fluffy or sparkly ones….my daughter is the least girly girl on the planet, but she’s never refused a fluffy pen!

Study Guides: Workbooks, revision guides and such can be bought for every stage, but are especially important if your child is in year 6 and above. SATs test revision for year 6 will hit hard in the new year so a Key Stage 2 guide would really help them out. Years 7-9 (first 3 years of secondary school) are Key Stage 3 and then GCSE and A-level after that, so any guides for the right age would be really useful. I cannot express to you how much more focused they will be on revision in the new term, it is literally all they do with years 6, and 10 through 13!

Other Books: If study stuff seems a bit boring, get a different book. Children’s fact books, the Horrible Histories series or perhaps a reading book. If you want to get ahead, the school will have already planned what they’re studying next year, so find out an buy that; when my daughter was in year 8 they studied Wonder, this would be a great gift for a strong reader from the age of about 10 onwards. Actually, it’s a good book for anyone at the minute as the film is just about to be released!

Organizational Stuff: Again, there are no design rules here, go nuts! Paperclips, rubber bands, post-it notes, pen pots can be whatever colour, shape and size you think the recipient might like 🙂 Also, things like diaries, planner sheets or even a whiteboard are really useful. They can also be fun designs and are not expensive, so it’s a win-win!

Right, I’m off to have a cuppa and some Christmas music! 🙂

Catch ya later Peeps!

Anna x


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