Happy Windsday Peeps! (Winnie the Pooh reference, not a typo)

It’s a grey, horribly windy and cold day here today. But I wanted to stop and remember the Creator and the beauty of His creations.

Even though the sky and sea look rough, there are still beautiful designs to be seen out there; the tiny birds that can somehow manage to fly in this wind, the power of the waves, the colours of the trees….You can find joy in nature even on the greyest of days.

In the warmth of home, I have a beautiful daughter, who just this morning found a gorgeous picture of our Bailey as a pup ❤ IMG-20171122-WA0000[1]

(She’s the one on the left!), we have brightly coloured decor (and eyes/brain that can register those colours) and a million other things!

So look for the good in the gloom, stop to admire the view and be thankful to the One who made it possible.

Have a lovely day,

Anna x


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