Food and Thanks

Howdy Peeps!

Happy Thanksgiving to those across the pond, I hope you have a fab weekend (and get time to watch Miracle on 34th Street as I recommended the other day Christmas Movie Countdown)!

So I thought that today is probably a good day to share some of the yummy recipes I’ve seen….a lot of them are for Thanksgiving, but there’s no reason we can’t try them over here too! So let’s go….

Local Farm OK is still relatively new to me, but I like it….this recipe for Cranberry Jalapeno Relish sounds amazing! I’m not bothered about cranberry sauce/jelly usually but I love heat and spice, so this genuinely inspires me. They’ve also posted a Sweet Potato Gratin this week, may just have to try that too…. 🙂

If you read my previous recipe post, you’ll know I spoke very highly of Garlic and Olive Oil Veins and am happy to say they continue to impress; I will most definitely be trying this Romano Cheese Red Potato recipe! Also, they said the magic word: Nachos…. also worth a look (if you can stop yourself drooling over computer keys!)

I can’t do a recipe post without mentioning What’s For Dinner Moms….always amazes me how she comes up with these ideas. One of this week’s offerings (I suggest you go and see the others too)  is garlic-butter-Italian-sausage-sandwiches basically they’re garlic bread with a sausage and cheese filling….the perfect Saturday tea if you ask me!


Also, if you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, I came across this Top 10 best food movies on Movie Babble! 🙂


Have a great day and Happy Thanksgiving!


Anna x


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