1 Month To Go!

Morning Peeps!

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you it’s one month until Christmas Eve!!! (I’m so excited my tummy’s all churned up!)

Before I get too carried away, we should just pause for a moment and remember the legend that was Freddie Mercury, who died 26 years ago today. 😦

I love that picture of the simple little nativity, don’t you? (Credits below.) I really want stuff around my house about the true meaning of Christmas, but some nativity scenes are so scary-looking it takes away from the story, but that one is beautiful. As well as my figurine one, I have this nativity scene on the tree, which I love…


I will be on the hunt for blue decorations tomorrow at the Christmas Fair (I try to add to my red and blue collections each year, I have the red one already)….did I mention the teenager and I will be going to a MASSIVE Christmas market this weekend? (There’s that excited-sickly feeling again….ooooh I can’t wait!!) 🙂

This will be the latest I’ve ever put decorations up since I left my mum’s house; going out this weekend means I won’t put the decs up until next Wednesday or Friday! When I was little, my great-gran used to come to us for the day on special occasions. Being in her late 90s, she got her December birthday and Christmas mixed up, so my mum started waiting until after her birthday (15th December) to put the decs up. Even a year or two after my great-gran had gone, mum waited out of respect or tradition or something….when I left home for university, I put my tree up like the 6th or 7th November, (possibly out of rebellion,) I just can’t wait until December! 😉

Where we used to live we had a real fire, so real soot and dust…that is the only thing that made me wait until the end of November because the first year I had to try to dust off the baubles!

My argument for decorating before December has always been that the church has 4 weeks of advent to prepare, so I can too. Advent begins 4 Sundays before Christmas (not 1st December) and so that’s usually the last one in November…and the latest I’d decorate. As it happens, Christmas is a Monday this year so advent is as late as it can get (4th Sunday being Christmas Eve) so as long as the decs are up by Sunday 3rd December, I guess I’m OK. 😉

Please comment below if your decs are up and any traditions you have for it.

Happy Friday Lovely Peeps!

Anna xxx

Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash


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