Afternoon Peeps!

Waaaayyy back at the start of October, I mentioned (in  Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful…) that my daughter and I had been scouring Pinterest for an advent calendar idea because we make her one every year.

We found one and today I’ve finished filling it (just as well as it’s only a week until she can open it)! So here it is, simple but effective:

A simple glass goldfish/candle bowl (£3 in B&M if you’re wondering) filled with brown parcels…I may add some ribbons but it’s basically complete.

The teenager loves the ‘lucky dip’ style of picking a gift. I wasn’t so sure to start with because I used to do certain gifts for certain days. For example; Christmas hair ties or a badge for the last day of school and something like a puzzle or something to do on weekends/holidays.

So I’ve tried to buy things suitable for any day, with one exception…as you can see. I wrote a number 1 on the special one so she gets it first as she will need it before Christmas…and that’s all I’m saying in case she reads this before then!

Please don’t think these self-fill advent calendars are expensive… all of this was between £10 and £20 (bowl included). If you want to buy more expensive stuff like figures or decorations or a play set…buy a multipack and split it, works out much cheaper!

If you fill an advent calendar, send me a pic on the contact page or on Pinterest or Instagram…. I’d love to see! ❤

Don’t forget, all my other Christmas posts are now collected on my Random Thoughts page. ☺

Catch ya laters Peeps!

Anna x

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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