A Message To Stressed-Out Parents

Hi-de-ho Peeps!

I love this time of year (you may have noticed already!) and especially today because I’m spending the morning making penguins with toddlers and the afternoon decorating our home!

It can also be a stressful time as you’re organising Christmas, but still doing all the regular work and other stuff (like cooking and helping with homework, etc).

So I just want to remind you that saying no to some stuff doesn’t make you a bad person. Stress is worse for you than not going to the staff Christmas party, spending time making biscuits with your kids is more important than the cleaning, being there is more important than how you look at the time.

Give yourself a break, drop something off your list, and stop telling yourself you can’t do it or you’re lousy for being stressed. You’re human and there’s no permanent damage done, so stop worrying.

Show yourself some love, you are doing an amazing job, enjoy the little things…. and try not to take on too much!


Anna x

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