Random Shower Thoughts

Morning Peeps!

Last day of November 🙂 I’ve had such a manic week-10 days that I don’t think anymore I just write it on the list, if it’s not there it won’t happen! Yesterday we put the decorations up (After Toddler group, baking and the school run) which ended for me at about 2am…this seems normal this week.

To give you some idea, I’ve had my neighbour knock on the door on Tuesday and tell me I’d left a pizza on the car roof….!?!

I was thinking through the bazillion things I have to do, while in the shower this morning, but my mind wanders to these random things. So I thought I’d share some of my mind-wanderings to amuse you;

I started normally with “oooh it’s cold, so nice to have hot water” and things like “I must fix/replace that extension lead (for the second set of fairy lights in the kitchen)” this was rapidly followed by “Aaaww my trees are so pretty…” then I went nuts……

The tree thing obviously triggered something in my brain as I started singing “C is for the candy trimmed around the Christmas Tree…” (not that there is candy on my tree because we have children (large Alsatian included) that would eat it all!) The song is called Christmas Alphabet and my brain took that piece of info and ran with it: “Alphabet… Alpha and Beta, so the person who first called it the alphabet was calling it the A-B system like we’d say QWERTY keyboard...so does that mean the ancients kinda invented the QWERTY keyboard?…Or at least the way we name it..?”

Genuinely, that is what my brain does on a dark, cold November morning! ….I don’t know either….sorry. After some debate with myself over the Greek and Roman influences, I went back to my normal list; “I must get printer ink in town, oh and stamps for cards (didn’t put that on list), dear daughter wants some Post-It notes, I wonder if there’ll be enough money left over for a pasty…” (OK the last one may only be normal in the South West, but still closer to your standard human thoughts, yes?)

Anyhoo, I got on with my morning and took the teenager to school… We saw the local flock of Canadian Geese fly over (this is not unusual as they live on the reserve behind us and fly over to the canal every day to get food from tourists) and my brain did it again… Out-loud this time, to my poor daughter, “I wonder if geese have the capacity to be grateful?” (Thankfully she’s used to me and she just laughed and said she’d be thinking about that all day now… LOL, sorry kid!) I then continued with “Probably not, they’re not like super bright animals… but they must notice if one of them dies or something, would they be glad it’s not them? I bet they take flying for granted….but then they’re probably unaware how free they are and that some geese are being reared for Christmas….” All this was aloud to my saintly daughter, who agreed with most of it, and then we went on with a normal conversation about a newly renovated shop in town and such. (Honestly, she’s as bad as me for this stuff…I Love that about her! 😉 )

So if you have any thoughts on alphabets, geese or the fact that it’s December tomorrow (Yay!! 🙂 ) then feel free to join in the madness in the comments below!

Happy Thursday Peeps! 🙂

Anna x 🙂


3 thoughts on “Random Shower Thoughts

    1. We have a lott in common Ellie 😂 I was watching kirstie’a handmade Christmas on channel 4 yesterday and she made dog treats…maybe we could use those (last episode of series 2 I think if you want to check it out) good luck with blogmas xxx

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