And Relax…

How-do Peeps!

At the end of a busy week, it’s really nice to have a day off at home just chillaxing. What do you do with a rare day home? This is what I’m gonna do…

After blogging, I’m going to have a tidy up and do regular jobs like laundry (oh the joy).

We have some stuff to clear out (see The Spring Cleaning Plan!) and then we’ll list anything we can on eBay, Facebook or Gumtree 🙂 because space and cash are needed at this time of year.

As an aside, I didn’t want to leave the house today but am in need of tea-bags so it may be necessary!

Then when all the regular stuff is done, the teenager and I will be making sock penguins!! (In the style of the snowmen we made a few weeks ago.) So I’ll be posting instructions for those Christmas crafts over the next week if you want to join in the madness!

Topping off the day with a healthy dose of Christmas TV and Jungle voting 😉

Let me know if you have any plans today and what crafts you want to do before Christmas.

Have a good one,

Anna x


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