Making Friends

Morning Peeps!

Three weeks today is Christmas Eve! So if you have people you want to make gifts for, or kids to entertain, you can have a go at making these little chums!

For the Snowmen I used the YouTube guide I blogged about in Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful… but I used the same method (without needing to look at video, it’s that simple) to make penguins yesterday with the teenager; adorable little things and sooooo easy to make 🙂


You Will Need:

  • Plain Socks (these were like £3 for 5 pairs in Sainsbury’s… bear in mind that the size of sock will influence the size of the finished ‘person’)
  • Cotton (the same colour as the socks)
  • Permanent pens and/or
  • Bits like buttons and ribbon…and strong glue or a hot glue gun to stick them on This sounds expensive but the ribbon is from Poundworld, as is the gold washi tape and you can get small tubes of super glue in there too (but I used my glue gun, which was £7, including glue, but I bought it before to do another craft).
  • Some rice or dried pulses to fill them with. (Bulk buy cheap white rice, it’s the cheapest option 1kg of rice will do about 3-4 adult socks)


Step 1: Cut the sock at the foot side of the heel



Step 2: Turn the open part inside out and tie the end closed tightly with cotton

20171202_143108[1].jpg (do it around a few times, you can always put a stitch in it later)


Step 3: Turn the right way in (so the knot is hidden) and fill with rice. *Tips* A measuring cup or funnel will reduce spillage. Also, push down the filling to get a ‘fuller tummy’ and then top up with more rice. 20171202_144150[1]


Step 4: Tie off the top (as you did before) and add the one piece of cotton for a neck


Step 5: Take the toe part of the sock and turn up the edge twice (to hide the cut edge and form a brim of the hat. This can be done in contrasting fabric if you wish)

Step 6: Decorate them, For the snowmen, we used Sharpies, buttons and ribbon/washi tape. The Penguins have foam tummies, googlie eyes and foam or felt beaks (but coloured card or stickers would work) Have fun experimenting and giving them little personalities 🙂


As a side note, the wrapping stuff, mug of tea and Malteaser Reindeer in the left picture definitely helped production 😉


Have a lovely day and enjoy your crafting!

Anna x


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