Don’t Blow The Budget

How-do Peeps!

A few tips for you this morning to help you stay on a budget over Christmas and start the new year without any financial issues.

  1. Plan ahead, if you’re going away plan ahead for the fuel costs and snacks so you don’t end up paying service-station prices.
  2. If you get paid early because of Christmas, don’t blow it! It’s tempting to run out and get extra bits when the money hits your account, but if you do there’ll be a lot of January left when the money is gone.
  3. Buy cheap party food: A basic pizza cut up is cheaper than buying mini ones; spring rolls, sausage rolls and mozzarella sticks are available year-round so just buying those at £1 a box is always cheaper than the fancy Christmas-boxed ones.
  4. Make what you can: Food, decor, gifts can all be much cheaper and people will appreciate the effort.
  5. Find free fun: You don’t need to see every movie, Santa parade and concert. If you’re stuck for cheap ideas, check out my (Cheap) Christmas Bucket List.


Have a good one my lovelies!

Anna x


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