Random Christmas Blog

Afternoon Peeps!

Sorry for lack of post this morning, computer/internet issues…I think they’re friends again now. I’ve also been to tots group this morning being a 3-year-old…ermm I mean supervising 3 year-olds. 😉 Making reindeers went down well, I think they cleared me out!

Anyhoo, I was trying to share some blogs pre-computer issues… so hopefully, you can see the links below and they’ll work now. (Oh the joys of modern technology!)

First and foremost; cider! Andrea at Cooking With A Wallflower shared this cranberry apple cider recipe I’m desperate to try! Cider and Christmas…I can’t wait!!

Want something to eat with your cider? Try these Pumpkin bars from What’s for Dinner Moms I’ll eat anything with cream cheese frosting! *drool*

I told you the other day that the fabulous Ellie was doing Blogmas posts…today’s is an awesome selection of Christmas jumpers (perhaps we can change into them when we’ve finished spilling cider and cream cheese frosting down ourselves?… Or is that just me?) I wore mine for the first time (this year) yesterday, I love my penguin but he is tired-looking so maybe I’ll take Ellie’s advice and find a new Xmas jumper.

So you’ve got festive food, drink and jumpers…how about something to read? I love love LOVE this post by Justine at Little Dove Blog it gives some of the best literary quotes about Christmas and she’s offering printables! So you can gift them or decorate with them too!! ❤


So I’m gonna run away now while the computer is still being friendly…maybe towards a cider and A Christmas Carol on my kindle.

Have a good Wednesday Peeps!

Anna x

2 thoughts on “Random Christmas Blog

    1. Thanks…always happy to link to your yummy recipes and I REALLY love cream cheese frosting! I can still talk to peeps on my mobile app but can’t do the hyperlinks on here..so had to faff with the computer…at least it’s posted now! Thanks x

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