Paper Wreath

Hi-diddly-ho Peeps!

As promised I’m going to show you some more Christmas crafts:

I started off making paper straws for a candle-holder project I saw on YouTube. (You can view that craft as part of this video by KT Hacks but  I can’t show you mine in case the person I give them to sees this before Christmas! 😉 )

So basically, I rolled A6 sized paper ( a quarter of printer paper) diagonally and glued them shut. (Watching Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas helped…or you could spend money and buy craft straws.)


I wanted to do 2 pairs of candle-holders, I did one and just covered the second set of charity shop glasses in glue and glitter. The point is that I had plenty of straws left over, so I had the Idea to make a wreath.


I cut a large ring of card from a box and hot-glued the straws to it, starting with one end lined up with the inner edge of the ring.

After 2 layers, I then cut some straws in half for the upper layers (another 2 layers in fact)…


Thinking ‘snowflake’, I then put PVA glue on the tips of each straw and added silver glitter (from Poundworld, of course).

I then added a wired bow (with ribbon also from Poundworld! Bargain!) and candy canes… I debated whether or not to add extra decorations to the top, but the teenager decided for me, so it’s quite minimalist for me 😉 I then hot-glued the ends of a piece of string to the back for hanging,


I’m really pleased with it and, spread over 3 days, it wasn’t too labour intensive. If you want to try, you can do any decor you like, in any colour, so it’s a really flexible craft!

Have a fab Friday!

Anna x


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