God is Faithful

Morning Peeps!

It never ceases to amaze me when you hear about answers to prayer. God always provides what is needed at just the right moment and I’m in complete awe of that!

I have personally had several of those instances this week, the ones where you know it had to be God:


A financial issue arose and meant extra pressure just before Christmas, but twice in the last week I’ve received extra cash; once as a gift and once was a payment that I was told could take a month to process…it took just 9 days and came when I needed it most. Also, being nearly the school holidays I had lost a day’s teaching (and the income with it) because of a Christmas trip but, out of the blue, I got a message asking if I could do a one-off lesson on that day.

hebrews13 5

It’s not just financial either! I have a relative who’s been really ill and had treatment. Went for a check-up yesterday (expecting more treatment) and got the all-clear! Lots of prayers went into that situation and God heard.

So I just wanted to give God the glory for these things and to remind you all to keep the faith. God knows what you need.

Have a blessed Saturday!

Anna x


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