Entertaining and Exciting Stuff

2 Weeks to go Peeps!!

So that’s your first bit of excitement, what’s next?

It could be the upcoming Star Wars film? If you’re looking forward to The Last Jedi this weekend, check out the Super Carlin Brothers’ theories, predictions and trailer analysis here. Oh and congrats to J Carlin and his wife on the arrival of their son Luke (wonder where that name idea came from?! 😉 )

Or is your excitement TV-related? There’s certainly a lot to celebrate on British TV this week: Excellent results in the jungle last night, well-deserved win. There’s the Strictly final to come this weekend, and then my favourite, Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas is on Channel 4 at 5pm tonight starting a daily run!! (Yes, daily…So excited I may be sick!) If you didn’t know already, Kirstie Allsopp is my kindred spirit and I love her….seriously, she may even be more Christmassy than me!

Maybe your excitement is gadget-related as there are always new things around for gift-giving time… If you’ve been watching Philip Schofield’s Spend It Well At Christmas, you will have seen enough technology to keep you going all year; I particularly liked the projector that made any flat surface into a touch-screen! I may have to wait until it’s a tad cheaper though (like 80% cheaper!)…and you know I’d never spend that on anyone or anything at Christmas, so I’ll wait.

My own personal bit of excitement comes from this blog and you lovely people! Yesterday gave me the highest views all week, the 3rd highest week ever and 2 new followers! Hello and welcome to the madness! You’re very brave…or as crazy as the rest of us! 😉 (Either/or you pick…we accept all levels of cuckoo here!)

I am going to take myself off now, to work like crazy, so I’m ready in time for Kirstie at 5!

Catch ya later festive peeps!

Anna x


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