Morning Peeps!

Mega excited now as we’re into the last week of schooldays, clubs and such!!

I’ve just seen a post by Christy at When Women Inspire suggesting family activities for Christmas.

There are lots of things to do, decorations to re-use and set routines that we have for Christmas day. Tradition and repetition help small children to remember and know what to expect, for the rest of us they evoke beautiful memories. (With the added bonus of knowing in advance what we’re doing!)

Our Christmases change, sometimes we’re at home, other times we go to my mum’s house. Wherever we are there are a few things that stay the same.

We have stockings in our room (our daughter brings hers in and opens it with us), then go to the lounge for prezzies! (Via the kettle…can’t function without tea!)

When I was about 10, a teacher said to us that we should remember to thank God for Christ’s birth and the stuff we have already before we open gifts….and I have ever since. It’s lovely to see my daughter take this on-board and stop to pray too.

After prezzies, we have a treat breakfast like croissants or bacon rolls (usually involving some chocolate biscuits) and get dressed. Then we either go to parents or they arrive at ours for Christmas lunch.

There are games we always play, (more on those later) but we always try to find new ones too.

There’s always a dog to walk and food to nibble on (if I’m honest, I’d rather skip the Christmas dinner and go straight to the nibbles and party food 😉 ).

The day itself has only a few of our traditions; we always visit my hometown to give out gifts the week before (to people we won’t see on the day) and there’s always a special carol service or nativity at church. My daughter and I always of some sort of baking too!

The most important things are the reason for Christmas and the time with the family, all the rest is negotiable but nice nonetheless 🙂

What are your family traditions? I’d love to know 🙂

Have a festive day my friends!

Anna x


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  1. Oh Anna, you’re a sweetheart for writing this post after reading the one at my blog ~ Family activities are the best ❤ May the holiday season bring a home full of happiness!

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