Feeling Festive!

Helloooo Peeps!

Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent! If you use a traditional Advent Crown, then today is the pink candle representing Joy. 🙂

Next Sunday is actually Christmas Eve (whoop whoop!!) so this is the last ‘normal Sunday’ if you will, but it is far from ordinary: Today, like many other churches across the country, we are having a nativity and carols service!

This means adorable kiddies dressed as nativity characters, performing and singing. The culmination of many weeks’ work by the organizers in their faithful service, mean that this evening people will hear the story of Christ’s birth in the most beautiful way, I’m so looking forward to it!

There are many other beautiful things about Christmas that have a special meaning too:

The candles and lights on the tree that make me so happy, are to represent the Light of the World.

The Candy Cane is shaped like the shepherd’s crook.

The Wreath is a sign of welcome, but also of Eternity (being a never-ending circle, like a wedding ring.)

The gifts we give represent those Jesus received.

The foliage and trees are evergreens to represent Everlasting Life.


These are just a few examples, but they make me even more willing to sit here in the glow of Christmas lights, just thinking and being joyful.

Have a lovely Sunday however you’re celebrating.

God bless,

Anna x



Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

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