Last-Minute Christmas

Howdy Festive Peeps!

I have lots of exciting plans for the next few days, some traditional and some new but all of them are festive! 🙂

If you’re a bit stressed out by all the planning and buying and cooking and wrapping, then here are my top tips to keep you calm:

  1. Write a list…or 10. Checking just one thing off feels so much better!
  2. Be realistic,  if you don’t have time to do the stuffing you saw on the Food Network, buy some… if you have a spouse or older children, delegate some wrapping or shopping to them!
  3. If you’re cooking Christmas dinner, a lot can be made in advance… all the sauces can be made around now, you can make swede and carrot mash or braised red cabbage now and refrigerate or even freeze it. If you’ve got the time for stuffing, that can be done now too: Prep now and make the day itself more enjoyable.
  4. Kids driving you nuts? Take them out for a walk to see the lights or go to a carol service…free activity, change of scenery and some time out for you: a win-win situation! Also, you can try these ideas: (Cheap) Christmas Bucket ListFestive Fun & Games or Christmas Movie Countdown
  5. If you’ve still got presents to sort, try a quick make. If you have young children then hand and footprint crafts or photos of them will go down well with the grandparents; biscuits or sweets are easy (and cheap) to make (see yesterday’s blog for ideas) or if you have a bit more time to thread some beads, then jewellery, keychains and bookmarks are all pretty straight-forward. For more ideas, see my Pinterest Christmas Board.


I hope that’s given you a few ideas, remember to look after yourselves and spend time with your family….in years to come they won’t remember what you ate on the day, but they will remember what you did.

God bless,

Anna x


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