My Top Festive Food Ideas

Helloooooo Peeps!

Some last minute foodie ideas for Christmas, to help you get into the swing of things šŸ™‚

Tomorrow the teenager and I will be busy in the kitchen and I always make 2 things;

Slow Cooker Red Cabbage, the basic recipe can be found here but I use half the amount of onion and an extra apple because I like mine a bit sweeter…you can also add dried fruit if you wish…it’s really flexible and once I’ve prepped it’ll happily sit there until I switch it on the next morning (Christmas Eve!!!) or you can cook it now, leave it in the fridge (covered) and reheat on the day.

The other is a Chocolate Yule Log. Usually, I buy a chocolate swiss roll from the shops but have made them some years… This then gets covered in Chocolate buttercream (recipe can be found here —> Sponge-cake 101). Then we stick on any Christmas cake decorations we can find (I always look for robins) and dust with icing sugar to look like snow. (I’ll post a pic when we’re done tomorrow).

The teenager also has some treats to make, but if I tell you what they are the person receiving them may read this…so I won’t.

So that’s tomorrow, but I have several Christmas recipes on my Recipe page and there are plenty of other Christmas things to do and make on my Random Thoughts page… so I hope all that reading material will help you have a lovely Christmas!

Catch ya later Christmas Peeps!

Anna x




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