It’s Chriiiistmaaaaaasss!!

Morning Peeps!

It’s so close to Christmas I can almost taste it (or at least I will be able to later when we’re baking) 🙂

It’s St. Victoria’s Day today or Christmas Eve-Eve, which means there’s always something exciting to do, like baking or visiting or last-minute jobs…even housework becomes more interesting today.

I try to make this day my last day of laundry and big cleaning tasks, probably a throwback to the days when we cleaned holiday chalets and didn’t want to work over Christmas. So today I will change the bedding and clean the bathrooms and such for the last time before Christmas 🙂 My family know that if they want anything washing to wear over Christmas it has to be in the box now. Obviously, there are 2 days left so I’ll still have to do the kitchen (y’know, because we’ll still cook and eat between now and then!) and vacuum the lounge before people come (I have a hairy black dog, I can’t ever skip hoovering!) but nothing else gets done until bedtime boxing day.

Also (and this is a useful tip if you want to take it on board) this is stock-check day; I make sure I have enough of the following

  • batteries
  • painkillers
  • plasters
  • sticky tape
  • sanitary items
  • loo roll
  • pet food

Basically, anything you may not have thought of when doing the Christmas food shop… Also (for me personally) Tea and cheese supplies 😉

When I started blogging in the spring, the thought of getting to Christmas was crazy…but here we are, thanks for coming! If you can’t come again beforehand, I’d just like to say have a lovely Christmas!

God bless,

Anna x


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