Praise the Lord!

Happy Christmas Eve Peeps!!!

It’s possibly the most exciting day of the year… it’s also Sunday and the day before Christmas, so we most definitely have things to praise God for.

On a personal note, I’ve been really ill for about 9-10 days with flu-like cough/cold/temperature but didn’t want to be moaning all the time and make it miserable at Christmas, so I carried on best I could. The thought of not being ready for Christmas or too ill to celebrate was hard, (I mean, you must have noticed I kinda like Christmas…) but with prayers and help from my family, I’ve made it!

I’ve woken up this morning and everything is ready and I feel so much better! I slept (have been up by 4am other days coughing) and it’s Christmas Eve!! So thanks to all those who’ve been praying, thanks to my family for the practical help and most importantly, thanks be to God for answered prayers!

I’m off to make baubles with the kids at church! 🙂

Happy Christmas Eve, God bless!!

Anna xx


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